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Santiago - Chile

Santiago - Chile



Escape 60 is an indoor experience among friends, colleagues, and family members that takes place within a mysterious environment and is especially designed to enhance cooperation, teamwork skills, problem solving, and intelligence. You will be locked in a room and have 60 minutes to crack codes, find hidden items and clues, solve riddles, and manage to find the exit. You have never experienced anything like it!

Who can play?

Groups of friends, colleagues, and family. It’s fun for all ages. Players under 12 require a parent or guardian in the room. Group size varies from 4 to 16 players according to the room chosen.

Events and Parties

Celebrate birthdays, parties, and happy hours with us! It’s a new and unforgettable way to surprise your friends at special times.



Escape 60 receives institutions and NGOs, at pre-scheduled times, to live and spread this experience with everyone. Bring your group to have fun in a challenging and cooperative game!

Corporate, Marketing, and HR

Selection, training, and integration for your company. Communication, leadership, and team building skills analyzed in an innovative way. Customize an Escape 60 room in order to launch new products and offer your customers a new experience of the brand.


Corporate clients

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Death Row
Twelve years ago, you were unjustly imprisoned for a murder you did not commit and have now been sentenced to death. The jailer "Keeper" will return in an hour and you will be taken to the electric chair. Throughout history, only one person has managed to escape from this prison.
Escape Kitchen
Your group was selected to participate of the great reality food show "Escape Kitchen". You reached the final! Contaminated by hate, Pierre Prost, a previously eliminated competitor tainted by hate, has decided to take revenge by putting a lethal poison in all the ingredients. A special antidote to be taken up to 60 minutes was prepared, but in an amount sufficient to save only one of the groups.
Rescue Operation
Your cousin disappeared during a wave of serial murders that happened exactly at midnight. Shortly before the disappearance, she had mentioned that she was dating a newcomer in the city and was staying at the Plaza Hotel. Police combed the site and found no clues. A maid, however, said there was a room not searched by the police. You and your team have 60 minutes to rescue your cousin.
Panic at the Metro
Something very sinister is taking place on the London subway! Your train has suddenly stopped between Picadilly Circus and Green Park. It appears as though the last car was intentionally disconnected from the rest of the train. All communication systems are down. The doors are locked! The subway map shows a random and uncontrolled movement of the vehicles. In short, the chaos has come from an unprecedented attack by terrorist hackers. But the situation could get worse! One of the hacked cars is coming in your direction and you have but 60 minutes to escape before the fatal collision.
Piratas de Montserrat
Vocês são piratas do navio Montserrat e estão sob o comando do temido Capitão Ghost. El Pancho, o marujo traidor, negociou uma grande recompensa em troca das suas cabeças. Ele os prendeu dentro do convés, atracou o navio perto de uma ilha desconhecida e está prestes a entregá-los para a marinha holandesa. Vocês possuem 60 minutos para escapar antes que sejam executados sumariamente pelos inimigos europeus.
R.I.P. - Rest in Peace
You are a student of the after life. Your books clearly guide on how to avoid the return of evil spirits and keep them in limbo. Because of a death in the family, you had to visit the cemetery. They feel it is the time of revenge and if you not leave the cemetery within 60 minutes, you will become one of them!
Reservations can only be made online. Check available dates and times, choose the Escape 60 room of your preference, and select the number of players (minimum of 4 players per room). Payment will be redirected to the WebPay page.


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They can book the date and time of their choosing and take whomever they want with them. Just e-mail your friend this invitation.

*Gift cards for 2:
1) Can play in rooms with a minimum capacity of 2 or 3 people (Ex: Panic at the Metro)
2) Can play in rooms with a minimum capacity of 4 people, if they pay two extra people on game daybr>


Clear your doubts regarding Escape 60 and our products and services.
What is Escape 60?
What happens if we can’t solve the riddle in 60 minutes?
Are we really going to be locked inside the rooms?
Are there any age restrictions to play?
What happens if my group doesn’t book a room’s maximum capacity?
What is a Token code?
Can I book the room and buy the game on the premises?
What are cancellation and booking alteration policies?
How can payment be made?
Will our group be filmed and photographed during the game?
Can we take photos and record inside the room?
What time must I arrive at Escape 60?
What happens if I arrive late or miss my activity?
What are Escape 60’s hours of operation?
Can I book Escape 60 for parties and events?
Do I need to bring anything for the game?
Is there anything we are not allowed to take inside the game room?
Are there food and drinks for sale at Escape 60?
Contact and Address
Tel.: 569 624951766
Hours of Operation
Mon-Sun: 11 AM – 10: PM

Dardignac 022
Providencia - Santiago - CL
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